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Are you wondering why you have been feeling frustrated, stuck, depressed and why you are having a hard time getting inspired and motivated?

Studies have proven that organization and success have a direct connection.  Clutter and disorganization at our homes bring confusion and distraction which delays God’s calling in our life.

Today we will learn practical steps that will help you declutter your home in 10 minutes at a time.

Clutter and disorganization not only cost us confusion, but time and money as well.  Stop and think for a moment how many hours you have spent looking for your car keys, your wallet or a pair of socks?  How many unnecessary items have your purchased thinking that you don’t have it at home?

When every area of your home is in order you set your mind, time and money free and you are ready to focus on more important tasks such as God’s calling in your life.  1 Corinthians 14:40 tell us that all things must be done appropriately and in an orderly manner.

The following steps will help you declutter your home:

  1. Focus on one room at the time: Start with one room and don’t move on to the next room until that one is completely finished. This will help you stay focused and feel less overwhelmed to start your decluttering adventure.
  1. Break the room into sections: Divide the room into small, manageable sections. For example, if you are cleaning your bedroom these sections should look like this:

Section 1: Clean under the bed

Section 2: Organize closet

Section 3: Organize nightstands

Continue breaking the room in small sections. Just like on step one, don’t move to section two until you have completed section one.

  1. Make a list: List all the things you want to accomplish in each section and have a picture from a magazine or Pinterest that will inspire you to have it done.
  1. Set a timer: Set it for 10 minutes and work on 1 area at a time. These 10 minutes will help you stay focused on that particular area until the timer is done. If needed, set it up for another 10 minutes. Just focus on each task you are working until it is completely done.
  1. Always finish what you start: Make sure you always complete what you start, this will guarantee a fully decluttered home.

Room by room, section by section and 10 minutes at a time, you will end up with a welcoming and decluttered home. I promise you will start feeling happier, will start having better and brighter ideas and you will feel ready to take on God’s next steps.

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