How to Manage Stress – 7 Tricks to Immediately Relieve Stress in Your Life

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Do you feel stress is taking control over all areas of your life?

At times it feels that stress is taking control over our lives and emotions — and it really is.  Let me explain to you why: Stress is created by a series of negative thoughts that triggers the brain to release Cortisol.

This chemical is the worst enemy for our body, our mind and our physical appearance.  When this chemical is released our body starts experiencing a series of negative changes such as excess belly fat, wrinkles, dry skin, hair loss and the list goes on and on — and this is just on the outside!

On the inside, it produces insomnia, reduces your decision-making ability, affects your mood, your ability to concentrate, creates high blood pressure, dehydration and disorientation.  It compromises our immune system so we get sick more often and it can cause indigestion.  So if you really think about it, it DOES take control of our lives.

What we need to understand is that stress is an internal condition and no matter what is going on externally we are able to control what is going on internally and stay peaceful.  The Bible says (2 Timothy 1:7) that we have the power of self-control so let’s put it to use.  Don’t give power to the external world, keep the power on yourself and stay in control.

Whether it’s work, school, family or the day to day routine, these tricks will help you immediately reduce and relieve stress:

Trick 1: Schedule

Create a schedule for the day.  Set up only 3 goals that you want to accomplish on that day.  Understand that you are not bionic and you will not be able to get everything done at once and in one day.  Break down these 3 goals into small to dos to ensure you will accomplish them all on that day.  Do the most important things first and focus on one task and only on ONE TASK at a time.

Trick 2: Breathe

Make sure you take deep breaths throughout the day.  Take a deep breath in through your nose and hold it for a couple of seconds and slowly release the air through your mouth.  This will bring oxygen to your brain and will send signals of relaxation all over your body.  While doing this, focus on your breathing and don’t think about anything else.  Also, relax your muscles and your face and smile as you do it.

Trick 3: Focus

Multitasking leads to stress and having a bunch of unfinished projects. Do yourself a favor and put your devoted attention to one task at the time.  Be present and enjoy every single second of your current task. Whether you are in class, on a meeting or with your kids, whatever is you are doing deserves your full attention.  Being present will not only help you be more productive since you will be able to focus and finish the task faster, but it will help you stay relaxed and calm while enjoying the moment.

Trick 4: Reward

Make sure you reward yourself by doing things you enjoy doing.  Hang out with friends, your pets, go out for walks, watch your favorite movie, pick up a new hobby, meditate, read a book, travel — do anything that brings you joy.  Life is not all about getting things done and being productive.  It is just as important to relax, enjoy and have fun in life.  So make sure you reward yourself.  I always reward myself at the end of the day, week and month.  This helps me relieve stress and balance my mental health.

Trick 5: Journal

Next time you feel stressed out stop for a second and think what triggered that feeling.  Put it down in your journal so you can start keeping track of it and be able to omit getting there next time.  Then write down how you can prevent this from happening in the future.  For example, if you are running late for a meeting and it’s causing you stress, write it down and write the reason why you were running late.  Now next to that write down the solution: “Leave the house or office 15 minutes earlier to omit running late for my next meeting.”  It’s all about finding solutions to the triggers and preventing it from happening next time. This will help you manage your external circumstances instead of letting them control you.

Trick 6: Treat Your Body Well

Make sure you are eating healthy and carry small snacks with you for those moments that you will get hungry.  A poor diet will lead you to be more susceptible to getting stressed out.  Drink plenty of water during the day.  Sleep your 8 hours so you are well rested and less likely to get stressed out.  And of course exercise will help you relieve and prevent stress.  Just going for a 15 minute walk will help you decrease your stress levels.  So imagine the wonders it will do for your body if you do it for longer.  Make sure you set a reminder on your phone to get up from your desk daily and go out for some fresh air and a short walk.  Try to get up from your desk at least every hour to stretch.  Like this video if you want me to put together some videos sharing some healthy meals and exercises that can help you reduce stress and help you sleep like an angel throughout the night.

Trick 7: Think

Recognize that it is all about the way you are thinking.  You just need to stop perceiving stressful situations as stressors and approach them in a calm way.  When you do this repeatedly, you will start changing the thinking process in your mind and you will start approaching situations differently.

Develop self- control and remember that it is all internal and you can manage your thoughts and feelings.  Slow down and get right into the moment, if there is anything you can do at the moment to change the situation, do it.  If not, focus your attention on your breathing and relaxation techniques that I mentioned before.

Bonus Trick: Pray

Another thing that calms my nerves immediately is praying.  Putting things in God’s hands and knowing that He is in control helps me relieve my stress right away.  Remember that everything has a solution in life and what you are going through is not the end of the world. Stop overthinking and break things down into small steps.

Now you know the terrible consequences of stress.  Understanding that stress starts internally with your thoughts and knowing that you have control over it, you can start using these tricks and implementing them in your life.  Put things in perspective and you will realize that what you are going through is not the end of the world and it is not worth your stress.

Now, I would love to hear from you!  Leave a comment below letting us know how you manage stress or what causes you stress and how you deal with it.  Your comments can help us all.

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