How to Look Confident – 7 Tricks to Look Confident Even if You Are Not

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I am sure all of us go through moments in life where we don’t feel confident and we need to help ourselves get to that stage in order to pull off that job interview, speech or important meeting.

In any situation, looking and feeling confident will help you gain instant credibility and people will be more inclined to listen to you. Even if you don’t feel confident at the moment, by acting confidently you will set up your mind to start thinking, acting and feeling like it. So here are some tricks that will help you look confident and that will set your mind to start acting and feeling it:

Body Language:

A straight posture will tell the people you’re communicating to that you’re sure of yourself and the message you’re conveying. The best posture is when you’re facing the person straight on. You can accomplish this by aligning your heart to theirs. You will appear confident when you roll back your shoulders, sit or stand straight and keep your chin up. When meeting or greeting someone; make sure to give them a firm handshake. Make eye contact and smile while introducing yourself or while greeting them. If you have issues making eye contact with someone you are meeting for the first time, here’s a trick. Notice and make a mental note of the color of their eyes to ensure you maintain that first connection with them. People will perceive if you are confident or not within the first 9 seconds of seeing you. Body language plays a BIG part in that.

Your Thoughts:

Make sure you change the way you think and talk about yourself. Starting today, tell yourself in front of the mirror how confident you are and repeat this constantly in your head: “I’m a confident woman. I look, feel and act confident in every situation”. The way you think and talk about yourself is the way you will act. Always remember that you will become what you think and say about yourself.

Dress for success:

As I mentioned before, people will make an impression about you within the first 9 seconds they see you. Whether they’re meeting you for the first time or the 20th time, people will make an idea of you. They perceive if you are feeling confident that day during those first 9 seconds. Dressing to impress is the fastest way to show your confidence levels. So next time you need to show confidence, make sure you spend an extra couple of minutes to pick your perfect outfit for the occasion; it will pay off at the end. Let me know in the comments below if you want to see some outfit ideas for different occasions that will help you feel more confident and I will put together a couple for you.

Slow down:

Slowing down your actions and speech will help you look more relaxed and you will be able to manage and control your emotions, actions and words better. Acting and talking fast will make you appear nervous and insecure. Controlling your words and movements will send signals that you are confident and have the situation under control. Also, believe your own words and say them with confidence — not with a question mark at the end.

Be Present:

Put all your attention on your message, your words and be present in the moment. And make sure you listen carefully and with devoted attention when someone else is talking to you so you can have a better opinion when it’s your turn to speak. Put your focus and your attention on the words of the person instead of your thoughts. This will help you overcome your thoughts and you will be more present in the moment, appearing more confident.

Incorporating these tricks in social situations will not only help you appear more confident, but you will start acting, feeling and BEING confident. Your thoughts will start aligning with your body language. So find a mirror and start practicing these tricks today.

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