7 Ways to Spice Up Your Look

5 Ways to Instantly Improve Your Look

There is nothing more exciting than adding unexpected touches to your look.  Making small changes to your wardrobe, changing up your make up routine, or trying out a new style can help you stay motivated and feeling like a “new you”.

Below are some creative ideas to help you spice up your look and make you feel empowered!

  1. Bold Lips: Try out a new shade of lipstick.  Darker colors like wine, a bold red, burnt colored orange or burgundy will make your look stand out.  Start by testing out the different tones on your skin, to help you see what colors look best on you.
  2. Add Sparkle: Give your eyes the ultimate glitz by adding some sparkle eye dust (but not too much!).  Sparkles will give your eyes just the right touch to help them shine even more and will help bring attention to your eyes.
  3. Pop of Color: Adding an unexpected pop of color to your outfits will break up your outfit even more and will create the eye catching effect that you’re looking for.   For instance, take an outfit that is fully black and add those bold red booties that you love.  Or how a about that orange bag instead?  Try adding a pop of color to you outfit and see your outfit come to “life.”
  4. Nail Art: With the holidays around the corner, there are many opportunities to add creativity to your look.  Nail art is one of the easiest and most fun ways to do this. You can be creative and share the celebration by adding special touches to your nails, such as fall leaves or (around Christmas) a Christmas tree!
  5. Mix and Match:  Incorporate eye catching patterns into your wardrobe! There are some patterns that, when you put them together, will create a wow effect.  Polka dots, lines, and animal prints are all ways to spice up your wardrobe.  Try it out! 😉
  6. Statement Pieces: Add statement pieces to your jewelry collection!  A bold necklace, long statement earrings or a boho ring can add extra character to your look.
  7. Play with Styles: Are you the type of person that admires other styles but are too shy to try them out for yourself?  Well guess what?  It is never too late to try new things!  You have nothing to lose and a lot to win.  You never know what style will stick with you and will best fit your personality, until you go for it.  Trying out different styles or mixing styles in your wardrobe will give your look the flavor it needs!  So go out there and have fun!!  What about trying a boho look at some point this week?

Something that I love about fashion and style is the opportunity it gives us to be creative and mix and match as much as we want.  I hope this article inspires you to play with your style by wearing different make up and wardrobe pieces.   We should never stop playing dress up!

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