[Career] How To Get A Promotion At Work

How to Succeed at Work

We all want to be successful at our jobs and grow within our companies.  Standing out at work opens up a lot of doors to your career path and will help you advance faster.  The question is:  How can you be a star in your office, impress your boss and shine amongst your co-workers?

Below are some simple but powerful tips that will help you get that promotion you are aiming for:

  1. Focus:  Find out what the most important tasks are from your boss and focus on those tasks first.  If deadlines are particularly important to him/her, be one step ahead and make sure the tasks are finished ahead of time.
  2. Dress Code: Read and understand the dress code at work.  Looking professional all the time will help you earn the respect and appreciation you deserve from your boss, co-workers and customers.
  3. Time: Make sure you always arrive on time, not just to work but to all of the meetings as well, especially the meetings with leadership.  This shows that you respect and appreciate their time and are able to properly manage your time.
  4. Take Notes: Always have a note pad on hand and take notes on any important points discussed with your boss.  This will help you remember later what was said, and will also show that you have the right attitude and are interested in what he/she has to say.
  5. Reading Personality: Try to understand your boss’ personality and find similarities to yours.  Does your boss like telling jokes and talking about his/her dogs?  Then participate by sharing a couple of funny stories about your dogs as well.  If your boss has a more serious personality, then he/she will love your focus and serious input instead.
  6. Volunteer: Look for opportunities where you can participate in special projects.  Your boss will love your enthusiasm and you will be able to add that extra project to your resume.  The special project will also help you gain exposure within your work place and will be a benefiting factor when it’s time for a raise review.
  7. Expectations: Make sure you are clear after each meeting on the next steps and the expectations.  Always aim to exceed expectations whenever possible.  By doing this often, you will quickly start building a great reputation with your boss and leadership.

Shining at what you do and keeping these tips in mind will help you have better days at work, your boss will be happy and you will be on a path to success.

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